The Inner Connection: A Conscious Re/Creation

Scientific studies show that brain waves can be influenced through a resonance effect. It is this effect which is involved when a note played on the piano makes a guitar string vibrate in unison. With regard to cerebral activity, certain types of pulsating sounds can produce such a resonance effect and modify (i.e. speed up or slow down) brain wave frequencies, which in turn alters the state of consciousness.

In this approach, sounds embedded in music designed for relaxation and meditation are used to induce in client an expanded state of awareness (associated with theta waves, delta waves, and gamma waves). Such a state allow participants to consciously connect with their Higher Self (also called the Larger Self or supraconsciousness, i.e. the direct link to the spiritual essence) in order to:

  • Free themselves from limiting beliefs, negative emotional patterns, and inner wounds
  • Receive information via intuition
  • Discover their life plan and what makes them vibrate
  • Experience spiritual love
  • Create new realities

The global objective of this approach is to transform the self in concert with supraconsciousness.

The workshop is generally held over a weekend.


Subjective experiences commonly reported

The listening of the music, in which isochronic sounds are embedded, rapidly leads to an expansion of the field of consciousness.

During the expanded state of consciousness, participants are led to establish a conscious contact with their Higher Selves. The Higher Self manifests itself in different forms (e.g. a white or golden sphere of light, a ray of light, the sun, a star, a wise old man or woman).
In the state of connection with the Higher Self, there is a realization that everything is correct—even what appears to the small self (the ego) as serious problems (e.g. a potentially fatal disease such as cancer) —, and that we need to trust life, let go, and surrender to our spiritual essence. In addition, there is a realization that the small self is transitory and malleable.
At the affective level, this state is associated with well-being (manifested by tears of joy), peace and lightness. Permanent liberation from negative emotional patterns and limiting beliefs is frequent.

Energetically, participants often feel the Higher Self energy penetrate into the heart area and/or the “crown chakra”. They also perceive waves of energy circulate through the physical body. This can bring ecstatic reactions.

In this state, information with regard to participants’ lives is perceived as images (or symbols), words, and feelings. Sometimes, the information received seems to be related to what participants describe as “past lives”.

Occasionally, participants report meeting with their spiritual guides. In some cases, they have the impression of merging with their Higher Selves. This usually leads to a temporary disappearance of the small self.



All other workshop descriptions are currently in French but you can contact us to organize a workshop in English.