Holosynthesis, a new psychospiritual approach

My friend Kathy Tropiano, the creator of ÉVEIL magazine, has asked me to write an article for the second issue of this magazine. I gladly accepted her offer. Since Kathy has given me carte blanche, I would like to take this opportunity to introduce readers to a psychospiritual approach that I have developed and that I have called Holosynthesis.

This term is derived from two words that come from the ancient Greek: holos, meaning “whole”; and sunthesis, meaning “meeting”. Holosynthesis is a transpersonal approach to self-realization through the harmonization and integration of the different human dimensions. Developed over a period of several decades, it is based primarily on the neuroscience research I have conducted in a scientific setting, as well as on my own transpersonal experiences. So far, I have been able to test the effectiveness of the concepts and techniques used in this approach with several hundred individuals. 

Specifically, the main objective of the Holosynthesis approach is to dis-identify with the processes of the small self (also called the ego or the surface self) and to refocus on the processes of the Big Self (also called the Higher Self or the Divine Self).  The processes of the Big Self take place at the level of the supraconscious, the deepest part of the unconscious which is related to the spiritual dimension.

In other words, Holosynthesis aims at transforming the small self with the help of the Big Self so that ultimately, these various aspects merge. In order to do this, the practical work done by the participants, during individual sessions or group workshops, is carried out in expanded states of consciousness. In the Holosynthesis approach, the expansion of the field of consciousness is based on the phenomenon of brainwave entrainment.

This concept refers to the fact that the frequency of brain waves can synchronize, through a resonance effect, with the frequency of an external stimulus, for example a sound. To change the frequency of brain waves, so-called “isochronic” sounds can be used. These sounds are regular beats of a single tone. In other words, an isochronic sound is a tone that fades and reappears quickly at regular intervals. This creates distinct and precisely defined sound pulses that are similar to the beat of a drum. These isochronic tones can be used to speed up or slow down the frequency of brain waves. Changing the frequency of the brain waves automatically induces a change in both the state of consciousness and the sense of identity.

In this way, even if they are not experts in meditation and contemplation, participants, who are accompanied by a guide, can gently move from a state of small self to a state of Big Self. In this Big Self state, it is possible, for example, to: 1) Release problematic emotional patterns and limiting beliefs; 2) Receive information intuitively, including information about the life mandate; 3) Consciously and intentionally create new experiences; 4) Develop qualities typically associated with the spiritual realm (universal love, joy, peace, creativity, etc.).

Convinced of the value of the Holosynthesis approach, I have recently decided to train guides who will be able to accompany future participants on an individual basis and/or in group workshops. Due to the health restrictions that are still in effect around the world, the Holosynthesis training will soon be offered online rather than in person. It is composed of a theoretical part, consisting of 10 different modules, and an experiential part, which consists of a series of practical exercises.

People reading this article who are interested in Holosynthesis can contact me at the following email address: dr.mario.beauregard@protonmail.com.

Peace, Love and Light,
Dr. Mario Beauregard, PhD
Neuroscientist and author