Brain Wars

The Scientific Battle over the Existence of the Mind and the Proof That Will Change the Way We Live Our Lives

Several scientists still equate scientific materialism with science itself. According to the scientific materialist ideology, everything is composed of collections of material particles, and all that we experience—including our thoughts, feelings, beliefs, intentions, sense of self, and spiritual insights—results from firing neurons in our brains. These scientists seem oblivious to the fact that scientific materialism is only rooted in beliefs without proof. Like fundamentalists, the most zealous of them attempt to convert fellow scientists and laypeople, spreading their ideology across all sectors of society. Clinking to the limited view that the physical world is the only reality, these materialist scientists reject a priori evidences that challenge their creed. In BRAIN WARS, acclaimed neuroscientist Mario Beauregard carefully examines such evidence. He reviews scientific studies indicating that our thoughts, beliefs and emotions influence what is happening in our brains and bodies and play a key role in our health and well-being. Dr. Beauregard also presents evidence showing that our minds can sometimes affect events occurring outside the confines of our bodies, and receive meaningful information without the use of ordinary senses in ways that transcend the habitual space and time constraints. Furthermore, he examines studies suggesting that we can have veridical perceptions—corroborated by independent witnesses—during out-of-body experiences triggered by a cardiac arrest, and that we can have access consciously to other realms of reality, even when the brain is apparently not functioning.  Based on the bulk of compelling evidence reviewed in BRAIN WARS, Dr. Mario Beauregard convincingly demonstrates that scientific materialism is false, and that mind and consciousness are not simply electrochemical processes taking place in the brain. Dr. Beauregard also announces a major paradigm shift in science. “The current assumption that the brain makes consciousness, like the liver makes bile, and that human consciousness is confined to the brain and body, can only be called neuromythology.  History will show that this belief was one of the great misguided concepts in human history, like the flat earth. This belief will not endure because it is unscientific, and cannot account for how consciousness manifests in the world.  In this important book, Dr. Mario Beauregard shows why. “ —Larry Dossey, M.D. Author of Reinventing Medicine and The Power of Premonitions. “In this carefully researched, ground-breaking work, neuroscientist Mario Beauregard cites a wide range of scientific studies challenging many widely held  materialistic assumptions about the relation between the mind and brain. In a triumph of empirical evidence over dogmatic allegiance to metaphysical beliefs, open-minded researchers cited in this book follow the true spirit of Galileo, heralding the first true revolution in the mind sciences. “ —B. Alan Wallace, Ph.D. President, Santa Barbara Institute for Consciousness Studies. Author of The Taboo of Subjectivity and Embracing Mind. “The reigning scientific paradigm tells us that the mind, and especially the conscious mind, is a curious but probably meaningless side effect of brain processing. But paradigms are like old shoes. Even when scuffed, full of holes, and literally coming apart at the seams, they’re so darn comfortable that we give them up with great reluctance. Brain Wars explains why the prevailing brain-mind paradigm is falling apart and why we are increasingly being forced to reconsider the nature of consciousness. The consequences of this paradigm shift are profound, and Mario Beauregard does a magnificent job in explaining why. “ —Dean Radin, Ph.D. Senior Scientist, Institute of Noetic Sciences. Author of The Conscious Universe and Entangled Minds. “Mario Beauregard shows convincingly that the materialistic philosophy of the 19th century is an impoverished framework incompatible with contemporary science, from physics to psychology.  The concepts he develops in Brain Wars are required reading for scientific literacy in today’s world. “ —Bruce Greyson, M.D. Research psychiatrist, University of Virginia. Co-author of Irreducible Mind. “In this important book, Dr. Mario Beauregard describes extensive and convincing scientific evidence that mind and brain are not identical. The challenging view that changes in consciousness can greatly influence what is happening in our brain and body now seems to be supported by many well designed studies: humans are not just powerless biochemical machines. In addition, Beauregard comes to the conclusion that our mind/consciousness has a fundamental and irreducible nature, and that it sometimes can be experienced independently from the body because it is not limited to our brain. Brain Wars clearly announces the end of physicalism, reductionism, materialism and objectivism in science. Highly recommended. “ —Pim van Lommel, M.D. Cardiologist and researcher. Author of Consciousness beyond Life.